Your Chiropractic Practice Needs A Sales Funnel

If online marketing features in your marketing strategy in any way, then an automated sales funnel is a crucial tool to help you convert your website into a business growth machine.  Building a Chiropractic sales funnel might seem like a daunting task, but luckily for you, I have some beautiful templates available for sale in the Clickfunnels Marketplace and for use by my own clients.


What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a sequence of steps designed to lead potential clients towards a specific purchase decision. In the case of a Chiropractic practice, that specific decision would be to chose you as their long term practitioner. A well-developed sales funnel should be effective enough to convert cold traffic into warm leads and even raging fans without you needing to speak a word to the target!


Why your practice needs a sales funnel

Your practice needs an automated sales funnel because online marketing is the way of the future, it’s highly targeted, easily measurable and even cost effective–if done correctly. A well-developed Chiropractic sales funnel will help you grow your business with little extra effort on your part.


How do sales funnels work?

It’s simple really, we set up a well targeted Facebook Ads and/or Google Adwords campaign promoting an offer that can’t be refused. Then, instead of leading them to your website or requesting that they call to redeem the offer, you send them to the lead capture page of your automated sales funnel. Lead capture pages work because they are focused pages designed to do one thing, convert visitors into qualified leads by getting them to provide their contact information. They do so by cutting out all distractions, no links to other pages or content about other services offered, all they do is reiterate the offer you made, provide some basic info about how this service will improve their quality of life, and sometimes provide some testimonials. Most importantly, they request the visitor’s name and contact information in exchange for getting a voucher/certificate to redeem the offer. Once you have their information, you can encourage them to book the service immediately and more importantly, you now have a budding email list and the opportunity to further contact your new lead through email. You can use this permission to make contact as an opportunity to nurture your new lead with a series informative emails to further showcase your expertise and demonstrate why you are the best person to help alleviate their pain points. By the time your new lead makes it into your office, they already know that you’re well versed on their particular pain point and that you are the best person for the job of alleviating it. Once in your office, you can further assess their problems and needs and sell them on more, higher value services, converting them from a simple lead to a long term patient.

A good automated system means that most of this can be handled automatically online. Your sales funnel does all the work of bringing in leads and nurturing them, thus leaving you to focus on what you’re actually passionate about, healing patients. This is the power of a sales funnel, and why your Practice should employ them to build your client base.

Check out the Kreative Kekeli Chiropractic sales funnel below. I hacked some of the top converting funnels in several medical specialties to help you build your patient list effectively with online marketing. You can purchase any of them from the Clickfunnels Marketplace or let me personalized one for you for free when you purchase one of my online marketing packages. With an online marketing package I will help you:

  • Develop a marketing plan and strategy
  • Create the funnel and a 4 sequence email 
  • Design and deploy Facebook Ads and/or Google Adwords campaign

Schedule a strategy session with me today and let’s get started building your patient list –>