Facebook marketing has become one of the most popular forms of online advertising in the last few years. It is significantly cheaper than TV and Radio ads and still delivers a better return on investment than the more digitally friendly platform of Google Advertising. There are however many companies that still struggle with getting their Facebook ads to convert potential clients, so here are a few do’s and don’ts to ensure you get a great ROI when investing in Facebook marketing.

DO: Use Audience Insights to Research Your Audience Potential

Facebook’s Audience Insights system is designed to give you a better idea of the number of people who meet your ideal customer parameters. With Audience Insights you can input parameters such as location, gender, age, interests, income level, relationship status, parenting status and household composition, just to name a few. You can use this information to ensure that you target people who are either interested in or are in a situation where they are likely to be interested in the products and services you provide, can afford them and are the right fit for what you are offering. Once you have gone through the parameters that make the most sense for your business, you can then gauge the size of a possible target audience and then set your budget and your marketing messages accordingly.

DON’T: Boost (all of) Your Posts

Many businesses use the boosting of posts to showcase their brands and get more likes on their page. This may be true for many, but for the most part boosting is a waste of money, especially if you don’t set it up correctly. Firstly, when you boost a post you are not able to fully flush out the audience segments that the post will be delivered too. This means you’re unable to ensure that only people who would be interested in the product and service and have the means to afford it are the only people being fed your post. Thus, you’re essentially wasting money on potentially unqualified, probably uninterested viewers. Secondly, most business owners boost anything and everything just for the exposure. As a key rule of thumb, when you’re paying money for any form of advertising, there must be a strong strategy behind it that brings that money (and more) back into your pocket asap. If you have to boost something, make sure it’s either an offer of some kind of a post that encourages viewers to interact with your brand immediately upon viewing it.

DON’T: Send Ad Traffic to Your Website’s Main Page

Most people put out a Facebook ad (or even Google Ads for that matter) and then just send people to the main page of their website to learn more. The problem is, once they are on that main page, 99% of the time, there is no real system in place on that page to focus them on the offer at hand and capture that lead to convert them into a client. This is why lead capture pages and sales funnels exist: you want to ensure that when you are offering people a product or service you continue with that flow of consciousness when they enter your website. Lead capture pages are super simple and stripped down so that people don’t get distracted by all your other pages, links and services when they enter your page, they are presented with the offer on hand, with the value of that offer further demonstrated to them, and then they are asked to provide their contact information in exchange for said offer. Once again, if you’re paying for advertising, you want to ensure that potential clients can act upon your offer right away and not be distracted by anything else along the way.

DO: Use Messenger Bots to Lower Your Ads Spend

Not all ads need to go to your website, Facebook Messenger bots are becoming a great way to lower advertising costs because they keep people on Facebook. Essentially the main focus of Facebook is to keep people on their site for as long as possible, so standard ads that take people to a website outside of the platform are more costly than if you can find a way to keep people on Facebook and still communicate with them. Ads with messenger bots encourage people to type in a comment on the post in exchange for something from the page, then send an automated private message to the writer shortly after the comment is made. In this private message, you can have all kinds of information as well as a link to your website, therefore killing two birds with one stone. Another great thing about Facebook messages is that they have an almost 100% open rate, making it an ideal way to open a one-on-one means of communication with potential clients.

DO: Use Facebook Retargeting Pixels to Better Target Your Audience

Have you realized that sometimes when you go to a website you suddenly start seeing their ads everywhere? Creepy, yes, but as a business owner, you want that creepy trick up your sleeve because it means more money in your pocket! A basic fact of business is that it is easier to convert a warm lead than a cold one, and since people who have already been on your site are familiar with your brand, they are the best audience to retarget with your advertising because they are far more likely to revisit your platforms than someone who has no idea who you are. Facebook pixels can be added to the main pages of your sites to see who has visited, to the optin pages to see who has opted into your offer, or even to your purchase pages to see who has purchased a particular product or service. This means not only can you track the effectiveness of your ads based on where people go/what they do on your site, you can also retarget site visitors with more advertising based on specific actions they took on your site. Retargeting pixels are also great in that they allow you to create lookalike audiences of people with similar interests, which helps you ensure that your ad viewers have a higher chance of converting on your website.

DON’T: Limit Yourself to Just Still Images In Your Ads

Video ads catch the eye far better than still image ads and for the most part are generally a little cheaper than image ads because they are more effective. So do a quick video of yourself or your team at work performing an interesting task and load that in your ads.

A correctly deployed Facebook ads campaign can have an amazing ROI, as long as you approach them with a well-developed strategy in mind. Visit Kreative Kekeli Design & Marketing today @https://kreativekekeli.com/strategy-session to book a strategy session and see how we help put the right strategy in place to ensure that you get the most out of every advertising dollar.