Narrowing down your style aesthetic is an important part of any design process, both for your personal and/or corporate brand and website design. Any great brand or web designer who isn’t planning on giving you a cookie cutter type website is going to work closely with you to figure out your personal style and how one can relate it to your business and the type of work that you do. Here is a quick list of some great websites you can go to to help narrow down your signature look:


Maybe a bit obvious for most people in today’s world, but Pinterest truly is an awesome place to find great design elements you love. I ask my clients to set up a board where we can collect items that help them express themselves and their design aesthetic. Pinterest is also great in that one doesn’t have to post just images of the logos or websites they like, they can post images of just about anything that relates to things they love. Like a particular shade of red used for the latest Porche? Pin it, we can use it for your brand colors, love the type of pattern used for a print of a skirt? Pin it, we can incorporate that type of design for your site! There really is no limit to what you can pin and how we can incorporate the ideas and feelings you get from each picture to make sure that we design a brand or website that is truly unique to you!

Web Design Inspiration

I admit this is one of my favorite sites to peruse when I have a new project.  The sites shown are not only great in form, but also in function, which makes them an excellent source to help clients narrow down some of the more important aspects to consider and include in their own websites.


Looking to see what some of the top companies in your industry use for their logo development? Designspiration has thousands of logo’s from around the world that are sure to get your creative juices flowing! You can even narrow it down to different design styles to get more of an idea of the types of things that could be created based on your personal aesthetic.

The Inspiration Grid

Looking for something trendy and off-beat? Don’t really know how to describe it but want to look at some creative ways design issues have been tackled by designers from around the world? The Inspiration Grid is an awesome place to see what designers are doing with particular industries to get your creative juices flowing.

Got the juices flowing and ready to tackle your own brand or website design? Contact me and let’s create something awesome together!