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Pay Per Click Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click advertising is arguably one of the most effective forms of online marketing. The power of being able to target potential clients at the exact moment they are searching for your products and services on the world’s largest search engine is immeasurable; provided it is done correctly. To ensure you get the highest level of expertise when marketing your business on the world wide web, I am Google Ads Search Certified.

Did You Know?

70% of mobile searchers reporting they click to call directly from the search results to connect with a business, a well designed ad will include a phone number extension to ensure your business is set up to recieve that call!

Pros & Cons of Pay Per Click Advertising


You pick the budget, and only pay for clicks, so you can choose a daily budget you’re comfortable spending.

Your ad can target people demographically and geographically to make the most of your advertising dollars.

Those who visit your site can be retargeted to ensure you’re top of their mind.




It can be expensive if your targeted keywords are highly competitive.

When you stop running ads, leads run dry, which unless you have enough clients, could be problematic to business growth.

If your ads aren’t set up correctly, meaning they have all the elements to have a high Quality Score, then you’re going to pay a lot more to run them.This is why you need a Certified specialist on your side 🙂 


Search Engine Optimization

A well developed website will help bring clients into your business, but unfortunately in a world where you may have a dozen or more competitors, rising up the search engine ranks may not be as easy as it sounds. Positioning your business to show up when people search for your key terms may begin on your website, but it doesn’t end there. A combination of content marketing, citation setup and reputation management all help your business rise to the top ranks of online searches. 

Did You Know?

The top spot on Google’s organic results gets over 36% of all organic clicks and the top 5 get 70% of all organic traffic!

Pros & Cons of Search Engine Optimization


Once you make it to the high ranks, you can get a lot of high quality organic traffic, which can cut your advertising costs if they’re not many companies running pay per click campaigns on the keyword in question.



It takes time to rank well for high volume keywords, sometimes 6 – 12 months depending on location and competition.



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